Joining Team “I Will” helps ensure you will stay active; weather training to get in shape, running a marathon, or just a personal best.
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Join Team I Will

What challenge do you want to overcome with Team I Will?

Team “I Will” has become more than just a community but a family for all its members. It is a place where friendships have been made, challenges have been overcome and laughter has been shared at every corner.

Team Members say that joining the community, brings them a feeling of accountabiltity to the team to follow through to reach their goals. This helps them stay committed and motivated when the mental challenges surpass the physical ones.

Joining Team “I Will” helps ensure you will stay active; weather training to get in shape, running a marathon, triathlon or just working toward a personal best.  The entire team is behind you while you achieve your goal!

Team “I Will” brings the reward of knowing that you are helping others who have been given a second chance, through the Toronto Rehab Foundation.

Join Team I Will



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Our Team

Abbie Au
Chanelle Bakker-Wallace
Justin Bergen
Shannon Blackman
Emma Brown
Graeme Brown
Tyler Bruce
Sean Buckley
Kaitlyn Buis
Claire Byrne
Colin Byrne
Lindsay Chapman
Sean Clearihue
Hayley Clift
Matt Coady
Mike Colomb
Mike Colomb
Mary Cook
Des Cowan
Joshua Craine
Angelica Csercsa
Brad Danks
Laura Davidson
Laura Davidson
Lee Davis
Frances Dawson
Stewart Deall
John Deliakis
LAURA Deliakis
Rob Detwiler
Amy Di Palma
Brett Donnelly
Kelly Dyke
Meredith Eaton
Ali Egan
Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans
Sandy Evans
Matt Farley
Matthew Farley
Jeremy Fish
Emily Fox
Kyle Fox
Linsey Gammel
Daniel Gardiman
Sarah Germain
Brian Gill
Emma Gillies
Eric Greco
Caleb Groen
Megan Grossi
Jay Hamilton
Christopher Hanley
Jarek Hardy
Dave Harris
Cameron Hawn
Eric Hawn
Mike Hawn
Sam Hawn
Jasmine Hendriks
Jasmine Hendriks
Kandace Hill
Brit Hope
Adam Humes
Eric Fabian Humes
Irina Iancu
Alison Issett
Dan Jackson
Katherine Jacome
Kelly Jordan
Susan Joutsi
Ryah Kazman
Lindsay Kennedy
Sean Kennedy
Chrissy Kingma
Scott Knowles
Dana Kosec
Alicia Kumagai
Angela Laughlin
Kristian Laughlin
Kelly Lawrance
Brooke Lloyd
Brittany Lucky
Dan Lynch
Daniel Lynch
Kate MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
Nancy MacDonald
Rebecca MacDonald
Robert MacDonald
Dan MacLeish
Laura McCabe
Laura McCabe
Brock Meddick
Myles Meddick
Taylor Meddick
Kristin Meier
Kelly Millson
Michelle Misener
Sara Moncrieff
Marcus Monteiro
Andie Morton
John Muddiman
Barbara Muir
Barbara Muir
Hodman Murad
Matthew Murray
Nadine Murray
Troy Murray
Ashley Neiley
Sylvia Nguyen
Mandi Nicholson
Curtis Nooyen
Chelsea O’Marra
Caitlin O’Rourke
Caitlin O’Rourke
Sean O’Rourke
Michael Patterson
Chris Peebles
Tyler Peltzer
Kevin Peplow
Travis Peplow
Jordanna Phillips
Kelly Piane
Erin Radford
Sara Rahimi
Gower Richardson
Shawn Richardson
Katherine Romano
Lisa Romano
Michael Ross
Rileigh Rourke
Emily Rowland
Ryan Rudge
Ryan Rudge
Carly Rutledge
Rachel Sanderson
Leah Sonnenberg
Vanessa Sousa
David Sousa
Vanessa Sousa
Patricia Stapleford
Jacky Sum
Alexis Sweetnam
Lee Tait
Lee Tait
Rachel Tait
Katie Talbot
Ryan Talbot
Brittany Thompson
Craig Thompson
Ryan Torres
Darryl Tracy
Robin Van Den Oever
Nick Wakeham
Jessica Wallace
Joseph Walsh
Kathleen Walsh
Jon Walton
David Widenmaier
Edward Wiederer
Andrew Wilson
Paula woodhouse
Sydney Wright
Cory Yanuzzi
Cindy Yelle