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After Mother Nature threw a wrench in their works on Saturday, local traders joined forces.

After Pride at the Bay was canceled yesterday due to heavy rain, local merchants and parade-goers felt like they had missed their chance to celebrate. That’s when Chris Rosato Jr., executive director of ASCEND Erie, came up with an idea.

Rosato coordinated a Pride pop-up event hosted at ASCEND Erie to give everyone another chance to show their pride within 24 hours.

He explained that finding a silver lining can shine bright enough to create a rainbow.

“The result has been great. I mean, the amount of people not only interested in selling, but people saying, ‘I can’t sell,’ and, you know, telling everybody else and all the public that’s behind it as well. People were looking for an opportunity to celebrate and we’re really glad they found us and found out about it and that they kept the momentum going,” said Chris Rosato Jr., General Manager of ASCEND Erie.

Rosato wanted to give special thanks to Voodoo Brewing, who helped coordinate Sunday’s event.