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Although Saturday’s Pride on the Bay event had to be canceled due to stormy weather, Erie’s LGBTQ+ community had another chance to celebrate their pride.

The weather was still not perfect on Sunday, but that did not stop people from gathering in downtown Erie for a victory parade.

Floats and rainbow flags decorated State Street as Erie’s LGBTQ+ community celebrated another annual Pride Parade.

Community members and supporters came together to celebrate their pride and cheer on parade participants.

Parade participant Brett Swanson said the parade is an opportunity to support the community and an opportunity for everyone to march together as one.

“Tolerance, understanding and love. We are all just human and it’s a great day to be alive, support everyone and enjoy the journey of life,” said Brett Swanson, who participated in the parade.

Despite the windy and cloudy weather, the parade participants were loud and passionate, celebrating their identity with their voices.

Although Erie’s Pride on the Bay event had to be canceled Saturday due to stormy weather, the LGBTQ+ community is here in full force and ready for the parade.

But while Erie is a relatively safe place for the LGBTQ+ community, the NWPA Pride president said that’s not the case in many other places.

“We’ve seen an expansion of our rights, but especially in areas like the South or even Meadville, we’re seeing groups attacking the queer community, whether it’s through bathroom bans or book bans,” said Alex Sphon, president of the NWPA Pride Alliance.

Sphon and the NWPA Pride Alliance are trying to create a safe and inclusive place for everyone in Northwest Pennsylvania, and that starts with events like Pride on the Bay and the Parade.

“The parade is one of my favorite events. I see the pure joy of everyone participating in the parade, the joy of everyone lining the streets. This is always one of the most exciting events we do, just seeing all the smiles here, and luckily we have a good day for it,” Sphon said.

Ultimately, Sphon said, the purpose of these events is to celebrate who they are, where they came from and where they are going in the future.

The NWPA Pride Alliance is hosting another Pride event in Meadville on July 27.