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West Springfield issues order to stop using drinking water Guest Commentary – Days Of Nor-Tech Thunder

SAN FRANCISCO – With temperatures rising in the Bay Area, residents should limit outdoor activities, drink plenty of water and take cooling-off breaks from Tuesday through Friday, the National Weather Service said.

According to the weather service, an extreme heat warning is in effect for large parts of the region. In inland cities such as Antioch, Napa and Santa Rosa, temperatures between 32 and 43 degrees Celsius are expected.

Temperatures will remain cooler on the coast, where a heat warning is in effect according to the weather service. However, in these areas, including San Francisco, we can still expect temperatures between 27 and 35 degrees Celsius.

The weather service said the scorching weather would continue from Tuesday to Friday evening.

The weather service has issued a red flag warning for parts of the Sacramento Valley and foothills starting Monday evening. PG&E said a safety-related power shutoff (PSPS) is expected early Tuesday morning that could last into Wednesday and affect about 12,000 customers in parts of eight counties.

A ray of hope: According to the weather service, a slight cooling is expected for tonight.

Joe Merchant, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says the heat will increase throughout the week and that the nighttime lows won’t provide much relief. The Fourth of July holiday is another cause for concern.

“People tend to set off fireworks,” Merchant said. “In fact, fireworks are not allowed at all right now because the grass fuels we have are critically dry and any fire that starts can spread quickly.”

Near the coast, Merchant warns, there is also the possibility of spring tides and high tides.

In Livermore, people are also trying to protect their furry friends. Evan Carlo bought his dog special socks for walking on hot sidewalks.

“In the summer, when it’s really hot, I still have to take him out, but I’m afraid he’ll burn his paws or hurt himself. So about a month ago I bought this one so I can take him outside even when it’s hot,” says Carlo.

Amanda Hari contributed to this report