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Survivors of Sandy Hook Elementary School, who experienced the tragic 2012 massacre, are reaching a significant milestone with their high school graduation more than a decade later.

The private ceremony at Newtown High School, attended by around 60 survivors, symbolizes their journey of strength and resilience after the devastating events.

The graduates expressed mixed feelings.

“The shooter actually came into my classroom. I had to watch all my friends and teachers get killed, and I had to run for my life at the age of six,” Emma Ehrens told CBS News.

“I grew up with this fear and constantly wondered what could have happened if I had stayed,” she says.

Another survivor, Lilly Wasilnak, said: “You wait your whole life for this day, since kindergarten.

“You can’t wait to graduate. And it felt so far away for so long… but I think we have to remember that a whole part of our class is missing.”

The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, carried out by a 20-year-old with multiple firearms, left lasting effects.

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School remains the worst at a U.S. elementary school.