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SUMMARY: The text emphasizes the importance of voting and participating in democracy, especially in the current election cycle. It highlights When We All Vote’s efforts to increase voter turnout through initiatives such as partnering with Essence Festival, Essence Ventures, and the Global Black Economic Forum to create the Essence Voting Squad. This group has a goal of recruiting 10,000 members to register themselves and three other people as voters. The organization will have a presence at the festival to engage attendees with photo booths and voter registration drives. Additionally, key figures such as First Lady Michelle Obama and other ambassadors will speak at the event to emphasize the cultural importance of voting. The text also encourages people to join the initiative online if they cannot attend the festival.

The ESSENCE Festival of Culture™, the Global Black Economic Forum and When We All Vote have announced they are joining forces to mobilize voters and bring voting into culture this year. The partnership will launch at the 30th annual festival, July 4-7, 2024, in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Beth Lynk, Executive Director of When We All Vote, talks to us about the mission and more!
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