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In season 9, episode 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Aesha Scott, Joe Bradley and Gael Cameron did not hold back their opinions on Iain Maclean’s leadership style. Now Captain Sandy Yawn is sharing her feelings about the bosun.

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In the above preview for season 9, episode 6 of Below Deck Med, In The Wonderful World of Madness, premiering Monday July 8, Sandy Iain speaks her mind.

The conversation ends after Aesha becomes frustrated that Iain hasn’t told the guests that his team is ready to take them on an excursion, delaying their departure. Sandy also notices the problem and tells him, “I want to be faster with this.”

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While Iain replies that he had a different plan in mind for preparing to leave – and Sandy’s plan changed it – she remarks, “Your plan didn’t work.”

“Let’s use the system that works,” she says, to which he replies, “Cool. Got it.”

Iain MacLean’s crew expresses frustration with his leadership style

During Episode 4, the deck crew’s relationship became strained after the crew was tasked with organizing an Olympic-themed beach picnic for guests. After telling Joe and Gael that they could take charge of both the preparation and the Games ideas, Iain dropped them off on an island with no water.

As they busily looked for locations for the party, Joe told Gael that Iain’s approach was “poor management.”

“There is no leadership at all,” he added in a confessional. “Iain could have helped. We are already tired.”

Although Nathan Gallagher was not with them, he too expressed some concerns after Iain explained to Nathan where to find some trolleys.

“If this continues, with Iain always interfering in everything, I know I won’t be happy,” Nathan explained.

Will the guests still be satisfied? Find out if Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 6 will air on Monday, July 8. Episodes will stream on Peacock the next day.