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Source: National Weather Service / NWS

STATE – Tropical Storm Beryl is expected to make landfall in Texas as a Category 1 hurricane on Monday.

Beryl is currently moving north and would reach Indiana as a tropical depression, bringing heavy rainfall.

The National Weather Service Indianapolis says Beryl’s path could still be changed, but at this point, several inches of rain are expected late Tuesday night and most of Wednesday. The Upper Wabash Valley will get the most rain, with Lafayette appearing to be the biggest target in central Indiana.

The NWS is forecasting between 2 and 4 inches of rainfall across Indiana. The rain should move into Ohio by Thursday.

With the rain, temperatures will also drop. The highs of 90 degrees expected on Monday will only drop to 75 degrees on Wednesday. The relief will be temporary, however, as temperatures are expected to warm back up to 90 degrees over the weekend.

The NWS advises caution as Beryl moves through Indiana. Heavy rains can create dangerous road conditions for drivers at any time of day, but especially at night when rain is expected. Strong, sustained winds could also be a factor.