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The John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center at Hillsdale College is partnering with Springfield Armory to host the inaugural USPSA Collegiate Championship on September 28 and 29 at the center’s Ailes Action Shooting Range in Hillsdale, Michigan.

The USPSA College Championship serves as an introduction to USPSA competition for college shooters. All college-level shooters are invited to compete in two divisions: limited and open. The competition is a 12-stage USPSA Level 1 competition and culminates with an awards ceremony honoring the top shooters.

Hillsdale Action Shooting Team

The first USPSA Collegiate Championship at Hillsdale College was made possible through sponsorship by Springfield Armory. (Photo courtesy of Hillsdale College)

First, second and third places will be awarded in the following categories and divisions:

  • Teams Limited
  • Teams open
  • Men’s Singles Limited
  • Women’s Singles Limited
  • Men’s Singles Open
  • Women’s Singles Open

Please note: Each team’s score is calculated by adding together the results of the top four individual shooters on each team.

Springfield Armory has been a major supporter of the Hillsdale College Action Shooting Team since 2019. The company’s ongoing support includes the supply of pistols and equipment, as well as access to top-notch professional shooters, including shooting lessons with Rob Leatham, a 34-time national and eight-time international pistol shooting champion.

“We are proud to sponsor this inaugural USPSA Collegiate Championship match between Springfield Armory and Hillsdale College,” said Steve Kramer, vice president of marketing for Springfield Armory. “The Hillsdale Action Shooting Team is incredibly talented and we have enjoyed watching their development over the years.”

More about the Hillsdale College Action Shooting Team and its partnership with Springfield Armory: “The Hillsdale College Action Shooting Team is comprised of student athletes who compete in Steel Challenge with 9mm handguns. The team won its second consecutive national championship title at the Scholastic Action Shooting Program’s College Nationals in 2023. Led by head coach Adam Burlew, the Action Shooting Team is sponsored by Springfield Armory. Together, the team aims to promote fundamental safety and the highest level of marksmanship in the field of pistol shooting.”

Thanks to generous contributions from Springfield Armory, the Hillsdale Action Shooting Team has become a top contender in recent years, and by supporting this new USPSA competition, the company is helping to grow competitive shooting at the collegiate level.

“By sponsoring this competition, Springfield is investing in high school sports as a whole,” said Adam Burlew, head coach of the Hillsdale Action Shooting Team. “This competition is the first of its kind, and Springfield Armory is helping to develop the next generation of competitive shooters in the region and across the country.”

In recent years, Hillsdale College has become a center of shooting sports. The John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Education Center is not only home to Hillsdale College’s Shotgun and Action Shooting teams, both of which have won multiple national collegiate championships, but has also been the official home of the U.S. National Shotgun Team since 2019, thanks to a fruitful partnership with USA Shooting.

If you are a student-athlete interested in participating in the 2024 USPSA Collegiate Championship at Hillsdale College, be sure to register on the Practiscore website before September 24th.

Learn more about the inaugural USPSA Collegiate Championship between Springfield Armory and Hillsdale College, Hillsdale College and Springfield Armory.