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By Heather Chapin
The Morning Journal

LORAIN, Ohio – Several people were rescued on the shores of Lake Erie by local emergency services personnel.

According to the Vermilion Police Department’s Marine Patrol Unit, July 6 was a very busy day for patrolling the waterways.

The first emergency call came in when a 19-foot motorboat sank in the Vermilion River, a press release said.

The boat was traveling on Lake Erie and was sailing too close to the shore near Sherod Park when it struck a boulder, damaging the boat’s propeller and engine, the press release said.

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The boat operator was able to drive the boat back to the river while the Marine Patrol Unit assisted by towing it up the river.

Parsons Marina then stepped in to lift the boat out of the water using a boat lift.

“None of the seven passengers on board were injured,” the press release said.

On the second call of the day, the Marine Patrol Unit was dispatched to the shoreline near Crystal Cove and Morton Drive because a woman was operating a jet ski and had fallen from the watercraft.

The woman was unable to return to the vessel, so police, the Vermilion Township Fire Department and an outside agency helped her get to shore, where she was cared for by local residents until the Vermilion Fire Department arrived.

“The woman was shaken but otherwise uninjured,” the press release states.

On a third call, the Marine Patrol Unit was searching for an unconscious woman who was reportedly a passenger on a 42-foot sailboat.

The unit arrived on scene and the Marine Patrol Officer was able to board the vessel to provide first aid to the woman while the vessel was towed back to the Vermilion River.

Police and rescue personnel met the Marine Patrol Officer and the sailboat at the Waterworks docks. The woman was then helped off the boat and examined by paramedics.

At 8:32 a.m. on July 6, Sheffield Lake Fire Department rescued two people who were in the water when their boat began to sink about a half-mile offshore at Shell Cove Park, according to a fire department news release.

Firefighters found the couple at 8:48 a.m., the press release said.

“The boaters were provided with life jackets and returned to shore unharmed,” the press release states.

Safety crews from the Avon Lake Fire Department, Lorain Police Department and the United States Coast Guard assisted in the rescue.

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