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Ramen lovers in Colombia have a new option as a Hokkaido ramen restaurant moves downtown.

The restaurant will open at 1007 E. Broadway, the former home of MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company. The Columbia location is currently listed on the franchise company’s website with a “we’re opening soon” status.

The ramen chain is named after “the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, known for its volcanoes, natural hot springs, skiing and exceptional cuisine,” according to an information page on its website.

A quick look at the menus of comparable markets shows possible dishes like a selection of spicy ramen, miso and vegetable ramen, garlic tonkotsu ramen, and more. The menus offer a variety of side dishes, including various vegetables, tofu, chili oil, chili paste, and more.

Other features of the chain include a greeting. Customers may hear employees say “irasshaimase,” which means “welcome to our store,” according to the chain’s website.

Follow the progress at the Columbia venue at

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