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Information about the league:
The 6-on-6 games will take place on Tuesday evenings between 6 and 9 p.m. in May and June, starting on May 7 and ending on July 2.

The games will take place at the YMCA of North Central Ohio Mansfield.

This season consists of 8 regular season games plus a championship round.

Format of team roster/registration information:

You must be at least 18 years old to play.

Teams must have one player of each gender on the field. Teams must have a minimum of four players.

Each individual player must be registered, have paid the full amount and submit a physically or electronically signed waiver to the office prior to playing.

Registration options:

Free Agent (1) – Sign up alone and let us put you into a team that needs players.

Small group (2-5) – Don’t have a full team? No problem – we’ll make sure you stay together as a group and add players to your group.

Full Team (6+) – Got enough people to take on us? Bring it on!

We generally place free agents and small groups 4-5 days before the season start date.


YMCA of North Central Ohio Mansfield

750 Scholl Rd

Mansfield, Ohio


Cost: 65 USD


8 leisure games + championship

Dri Fit Team T-Shirt

Team and game photos

End of season party