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Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) on Monday sharply criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for dropping charges against dozens of anti-Israel protesters who took part in the violent occupation of Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall.

“By dismissing 31 of the 46 cases against protesters who briefly occupied Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall in April, (Bragg) did the people of New York City a disservice,” Cuomo said. wrote in a comment for Forwardand argued that New Yorkers “deserve a justice system that is willing to prosecute cases even when they are difficult – and, if I may say so, may not align with the ideology of the prosecutor.”

Bragg dismissed The trespassing charges were filed on June 20 on the grounds that there was no direct evidence because the protesters were wearing masks and were difficult to identify. The New York police – called by Columbia President Minouche Shafik after a week of protests –arrested more than 100 participants who broke into Hamilton Hall on April 30.

Cuomo accused Bragg of using masks as a “pretext” to avoid proper prosecution, pointing out that the Justice Department had no problems prosecuting the masked rioters on January 6.

“By allowing the cases to expire,” the former governor said, “Bragg’s office has sent the message during this time of increasing anti-Semitic activity that those who want to instill fear in Jews by causing chaos and destruction can do so with unbridled abandon.”

“(Bragg’s office has) created the impression that certain crimes should not be prosecuted and that certain groups do not deserve protection,” Cuomo continued. “As a serious side effect, Bragg’s decision will likely further disenchant the majority of New Yorkers who believe the criminal justice system has been politicized.”