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Godzilla x Kong Hits Streaming. A Furiosa Transformation. Eric Kripke talks about The young‘ Comic book twist the series will skip. Netflix launches its open-air popcorn line (and malls?). Marvel will kill off Deadpool (in the comics). Here’s all that news and trivia and more.

Time Bandits

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Everything old is new again and the latest reboot on our screens is Time Bandits. This Apple TV+ adventure is a series-based reimagining of the 1981 film and was created by Jemaine Clement, Iain Morris and Taika Waititi. The series stars Lisa Kudrow and rising star Kal-El Tuck and “takes viewers on a gripping journey through time and space with a ragtag band of thieves.”

The Time Bandits Summary of shares:

Led by Lisa Kudrow, the eccentric band of bandits embark on epic adventures as evil forces threaten their conquests and life as they know it. As the group travels through time and space, the gang encounters fascinating worlds of the distant past in search of treasure, relying on Kevin to shed light on every situation. The Time Bandits witness the creation of Stonehenge, see the Trojan Horse in action, escape dinosaurs in prehistoric times, wreak havoc in the Middle Ages, experience the Ice Age, ancient civilizations and the Harlem Renaissance, and much more along the way.

The 10-part series will premiere worldwide, with the first two episodes airing on Wednesday 24 July, followed by two new episodes every Wednesday until 21 August 2024.

SpongeBob SquarePants

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The trailer for Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie is here. This trailer brings us a whole new kind of SpongeBob SquarePants Adventure. A bit of live action, a bit of chaos on the surface – what could be better than that?

A press release states: “When Bikini Bottom and all its residents are suddenly fished out of the sea, Sandy Cheeks and SpongeBob SquarePants travel to Texas to save the town from a malicious conspiracy.“Sandy Cheeks is one (flying) squirrel not to be messed with. Frankly, we are all in when it comes to this movie with Sandy Cheeks as the star.

Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie will be released on August 2nd.

Godzilla x Kong

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Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire will be released on July 4th. The monster movie will be streamed on Max.

We are also very excited to announce that an American Sign Language (ASL) version of the film will also be streaming exclusively on Max on the same day. Max says, “This ASL version of the film was produced exclusively for Max, with ASL actor Otis Jones (Deaf West Theatre) providing the interpretation. Jones was coached by Leila Hanaumi, who gave a highly acclaimed performance in Barbie with ASL last December, Max’s first ASL film interpretation. GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE in ASL will appear as a unique title in the Max app and will be identified by its key image with the sign language symbol.” We strongly applaud Max for this effort to be as inclusive as possible in their programming!

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

If you are a fan of Furiosa: A Mad Max SagaYou can watch Anya Taylor-Joy’s epic transformation into Furiosa below.

The young

The Boys Black Noir
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The young Showrunner Eric Kripke promises that, unlike in the comics, Black Noir will not be a Homelander clone.

He says diversity:

No, and I like saying that too. In the comics, he’s a clone of Homelander all the time and actually the one who does all these horrible things. And again, it’s a hell of a twist. But it’s like, well, wait a minute, the villain I’ve been following isn’t actually the villain. And the trajectory varies, and I’m sure fans are mad that I’m not going in that direction, but that wasn’t as satisfying for me. I figured if I’m going to follow this villain, I want this guy to be the villain. So I was never really into the clone idea.

Also, cloning feels too – I’m going to sound silly now – but cloning feels too magical for the show. We’re trying to say that superheroes are the only tricky thing and that we’re keeping everything else as grounded as possible.


Netflix Popcorn

Netflix is ​​launching its own line of popcorn…and its own shopping malls.

Netflix shares:

Today, we’re excited to announce that Netflix and Popcorn Indiana are teaming up to launch Now Popping, a brand new ready-to-eat popcorn line! With flavors like Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle Corn and Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle Corn, this partnership promises a snacking experience tailored to every viewer’s taste. Discover your favorite flavor today, nationwide at Walmart.

The retail price for the popcorn is $4.49, but it is unknown how much it will cost if you want to share a pack.

Netflix House/Shopping Center

In addition, the streamer has announced that it will open two entertainment, dining and shopping centers, also called malls. diversity“While they’re not exactly theme parks, the new Netflix Houses – opening next year in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Dallas – offer a wide range of shopping, dining and experiential activities tied to the streamer’s major franchises, such as Bridgerton, Stranger Things And Squid game.

Marian Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Netflix, explains: “At Netflix House, you can enjoy regularly updated immersive experiences, indulge in retail therapy, and literally get a taste of your favorite Netflix shows and movies through unique food and beverage offerings. We’ve launched more than 50 experiences in 25 cities, and Netflix House represents the next generation of our distinctive offerings. The venues will bring our beloved stories to life in new, ever-changing and unexpected ways.”

Netflix invites you to imagine “singing with your partner to an orchestral cover of a Taylor Swift song on a replica of the “Bridgerton‘ Set –– and then head around the corner to take part in ”s Glass Bridge Challenge.Squid Game.’” After that, you can “enjoy food inspired by Netflix shows from around the world” or “buy that Hellfire Club t-shirt you’ve always wanted” from Stranger Things.”

Dead Pool

Deadpool #6 kills Deadpool
Marvel Comics

Marvel is ready to kill Deadpool in Dead Pool #6 by Cody Ziglar and Rogê Antônio. Marvel shared the issue:

Wade Wilson beat Death Grip! This is the first issue of a new story arc and killing Deadpool NOW would be an INSANE thing to do. And that’s exactly why we’re doing it.

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Originally published on June 20, 2024.