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After a stellar sophomore season in 2023, third-year Los Angeles Rams safety/nickel Quentin Lake is expected to play an outsized role on the team’s defense this fall, writes Cameron DaSilva of The Rams Wire. DaSilva notes that no matter where Lake plays this season, he will be an indispensable contributor to the club’s defense in the first season without 10-time Pro Bowler Aaron Donald.

DaSilva notes that Lake’s slot defense has helped him to be successful. With Joe Johnson III now returning, DaSilva notes that keeping Lake at that position could be beneficial for the Rams. However, DaSilva notes that Lake could serve as the club’s starting safety alongside Kamren Curl.

“Position versatility brings a lot of value to a defensive back and that’s part of what makes Lake an important part of the defense,” DaSilva said. “He can play multiple positions, whether it’s as a deep safety, a hook defender, covering the slot or lining up in the box.”

“If he hadn’t become the Rams’ slot defender last season, the secondary would likely have had a lot of trouble covering the middle of the field. Lake is a sure tackler and a defender who is fast enough to keep up with quick receivers, a perfect combination for a nickel corner,” DaSilva writes.

DaSilva suggests that Sean McVay might want to have Lake play a single position instead of putting him all over the team’s defense.

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