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Hurricane Beryl, July 8, 2024, 11am.

Hurricane Beryl, July 8, 2024, 11am.

Hurricane Beryl made landfall off the Gulf Coast on Monday and meteorologists expect it could bring heavy rains to the South Bend area on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The exact timing is still unclear as meteorologists track Beryl’s movement.

WNDU meteorologist Jack Van Meter wrote online that the rain would begin Tuesday afternoon and “continue throughout the rest of the day and into the night, with isolated heavy rain and thunderstorms possible.”

According to meteorologist Michael Skipper of the National Weather Service in North Webster, Indiana, the rain could continue through Wednesday and bring up to three inches of precipitation, with even more rain possible in some areas.

That could cause flooding in tributaries that usually flood first. Skipper said there is also a chance that major rivers like the St. Joseph River could cause “nuisance” flooding in urban areas, although he does not believe it would be severe.

With this type of flooding, he said, it is usually over as quickly as it came. One must also remember that rivers are generally low right now and rain will run off over mature vegetation, slowing runoff, he noted.

According to forecasts, the region should remain dry for several days after Wednesday.

Skipper noted that Beryl is two months ahead of the usual hurricane season. He expects there could be one or two more early hurricanes this summer, although it’s difficult to predict whether their aftermath will reach the South Bend area again.

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This article originally appeared in the South Bend Tribune: Hurricane Beryl brings heavy rains and flooding to South Bend area