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Kat Simons, long-time radio presenter at Richmond’s Mix 98.1 FM, has died. She was 63 years old.

Known for her love of animals, Simons was a midday DJ on Richmond’s Mix 98.1 for over 25 years. On her show Kat’s Mix Café, she hosted a “Pet of the Day” segment where she worked with local animal shelters to find homes for stray cats and dogs.

According to the radio station, she died peacefully at home on June 28.

“She was more than a voice on the radio; she was a valued friend and a comforting presence, always ready with a kind word or a sweet question with genuine curiosity. Kat’s life was a symphony of kindness and devotion broadcast across the airwaves of Virginia radio,” the station said in a statement.

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Simons was known for her kindness, her devotion to animals and her work with local charities.

“I worked with Kat for over a decade,” said Bill Bevins, another longtime Richmond DJ and current co-host of “Virginia This Morning” on CBS 6. “She was one of those people whose sound just sounded great coming out of the speakers, and that’s all that really matters.”

“Everyone asked me: ‘She can’t be that sweet, kind and loving, can she?’ And I answered: ‘Actually, she is more “She was kind, loving and a sweet person. She was just that kind of person. She cared. That made all the difference. People understood that and connected with her,” Bevins said.

Simons grew up on a farm in Elkins, West Virginia, which sparked her love of animals. She graduated from Elkins High School and Davis & Elkins College in 1979. She began her career at radio station WDNE in Elkins, followed by a job in radio on the Outer Banks before moving to Richmond and taking a job at Mix 98.1, then known as Lite 98.1 FM.

In addition to her work at the radio station, she devoted herself to animals and looked for homes for rescued animals. She lived in Midlothian.

Kat Simons

Kat Simons

Courtesy of Mix 98.1FM

“Animals have never had a better or more devoted friend than Kat Simons. She was remarkable in every way, generous with her time and her many talents to support the causes she cared about, and we were lucky to be around her,” said Tamsen Kingry, Executive Director of the Richmond SPCA.

“At the Richmond SPCA, she hosted our annual dog walk, 5K and block party for nearly two decades, invited us to her studio weekly to promote pets for adoption, promoted our events and lifesaving programs on her community affairs show, and much more. We miss her greatly and will work hard to honor her memory by rescuing and protecting the animals she loved so much,” Kingry added.

Additionally, she has volunteered for various charities including Richmond and Hanover ARC, Relay for Life, Alzheimer’s Association, Arthritis Association, SPARC, The Faison Center, and many more.

“She cared about everything. She cared about everyone but herself,” Bevins said. “Her health was not good,” he added.

A cause of death was not disclosed.

Funeral services were held Tuesday at Maplewood Cemetery in Elkins, West Virginia. Condolences may be sent to the family at Tomblyn Funeral Home of Elkins,