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During his annual address Tuesday at Big 12 Football Media Days at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Commissioner Brett Yormark discussed a number of topics, including the Big 12’s positioning as one of the top three conferences in the country and the second-largest social media space on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.

His main claim – which he emphasized twice – is that the revamped 16-school conference will provide the most excitement in the country all year long.

“As far as football goes,” said Yormark, “we’re going to be the league with the strongest team in America, and every week will count.”

Yormark used last year’s race to the Big 12 championship game in Arlington as a benchmark. Last year, the final spot in the title game was still uncertain in the final week of the regular season due to the conference’s head-scratching tiebreaker criteria, which wasn’t fully resolved until late in the regular season.

The two championship spots ultimately went to Texas and Oklahoma State. The Longhorns came away with the win and secured a spot in the College Football Playoff. Texas and Oklahoma are no longer part of the Big 12, which opens the door for a variety of teams to compete for the title.

Yormark announced that up to 10 teams could compete for the conference championship this year and he hopes that up to four teams from the Big 12 will be represented in the CFP.

“We have star power and parity,” Yormark said. “… November is going to be incredibly exciting and we’re going to call it a championship race.”

The Big 12 sent nine teams to bowl games last year, which was a conference record. Still, Yormark said he felt the conference as a whole underperformed after going 5-4 in those games.

“I don’t think that will be the case this year,” Yormark said.