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Congressman Garamendi announces he has early-stage blood cancer that is treatable
Rep. John Garamendi announces his cancer diagnosis in a video on his X-Feed on Monday, July 8, 2024, and in his official photo.

Through the representative office John Garamendi

WASHINGTON, DC-Congressman John Garamendi (CA-08) issued the following statement on Monday, July 8, 2024, regarding his diagnosis of early-stage blood cancer, which is treatable:

“My wife, Patti, a director of the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program, makes sure I stay vigilant with screenings and treatments. Freezing abnormal bumps is normal, but a call from my doctor changed everything: ‘When are you back in California? You need to come in for a series of tests.'” Thus began my journey with early-stage multiple myeloma, a form of treatable blood cancer.

“Today I began my journey to remission with chemo-immunotherapy as an outpatient at Kaiser Oncology in Sacramento. Thanks to early detection, amazing doctors, and the love and support of Patti, our entire family, my exceptional staff, and my colleagues in Congress, I know I will get through this as I continue to serve my constituents and advance American democracy. I am grateful that our President created the Cancer Moonshot and that California’s efforts in stem cell research and taxing cigarettes for cancer research in the 1980s led to advanced therapies that will benefit not only me, but every family battling cancer.

“During my treatments, which my doctor estimates will last several months, I will continue to work on my long list of projects and goals for my constituents in Contra Costa and Solano counties. However, chemotherapy not only destroys cancer cells, it also weakens natural antibodies and the immune system. My doctors have advised me to minimize exposure to COVID-19, flu, and other viruses, so I will limit travel to Washington and public events during treatment.

“My thoughts and support go out to the families battling cancer and other illnesses, and to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who provide comfort and hope. I am confident that treatments will be effective, so I can continue to support those families and my constituents in Congress for years to come.”

In a video post on his X-Feed (formerly Twitter) on Monday, Garamendi read his statement, writing, “Like 1.9 million Americans each year, I recently received the dreaded call from my doctor telling me I have cancer. I am grateful to have caught the disease so early, and we are confident I will soon be in remission.”

Garamendi, 79, represents the northern shore and western communities of Contra Costa County, including the northern part of Antioch, in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Allen D. Payton contributed to this report.

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