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LAFAYETTE, Louisiana (KLFY)– Numerous tenants in Himbola Apartment Complex in Lafayette are dissatisfied. They insist that they are still struggling with non-functioning equipment and supply problems.

In an interview with News 10, Himbola Town Council promises to take action. Residents, fearful of eviction, have gone undercover to make their voices heard.

In recent days, pictures are said to have been taken from inside Himbola. Tenants reported rickety appliances, days without gas and an air conditioning system that worked less well than it should.

Elroy Broussard is said to have spoken to the property owners in Texas. They want to carry out modernizations, but their hands are tied due to limited funds.

“They may mean well, but we won’t know if they mean well until the crime is committed,” Broussard said.

Broussard said he has contacted various agencies, from environmental protection agencies to law enforcement.

“We’ve had almost 1,000 calls to the police in the last year and a half. And we’ve had about 30 calls from the fire department. That’s unheard of,” Broussard said.

Broussard promises to meet with the residents of Himbola to discuss problems and solutions.

“The legal department will tell us what options we can explore,” he said.

Broussard also said he has a list of things some council members are trying to help with.

“We will make this possible because that is why they elected me: to ensure that our quality of life is valued and respected like everyone else’s,” the councilor said.

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