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St. Landry Parish, Louisiana (KLFY) – A Lafayette man was arrested after allegedly exploiting a sick person and stealing over $500,000.

According to the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s OfficeThe Department of Elder Affairs received a complaint from a woman who said her nephew was exploiting her and her house was being foreclosed on.

An investigation revealed that in 2017, Gregory T. Red went to the victim’s home and asked her to co-sign a loan to protect his home from foreclosure. Red was also dating an unknown woman. The victim complied because he feared for his nephew. The victim claimed there were no witnesses at the signing, but the loan documents showed that a notary and two witnesses were present and signed the documents.

In 2019, Red returned to the victim’s home with more documents. The victim was also told that she had to go to bankruptcy court for signing the original loan. During the hearing, the victim learned that her home was used as collateral for a $250,000 loan and she was the debtor. Red demanded that she sign more documents while he filed for Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. During the filing process, another family member learned that the victim was filing for bankruptcy. The victim states that she did not file and has no financial problems.

After the victim hired an attorney, she learned that she was also listed as president of two different companies and that a business bank account had been opened at a local bank without her knowledge. She denied making any deposits or withdrawals from that account.

Detectives questioned the notary, who claimed she would not have done the work without the presence of witnesses. Detectives questioned one of the witnesses, who claimed they were not at home with a second witness when the documents were signed and denied that the signature was theirs.

Investigators uncovered information confirming that the victim’s home had a $250,000 mortgage, credit cards with a total limit of $13,800, and a $47,373 car loan. The victim was also listed as a guarantor on Red’s home, which was foreclosed on in 2024, leaving the victim liable for another $230,000 loan. In total, Red left the victim with over $540,000 in debt.

On Tuesday, an arrest warrant was issued for 62-year-old Gregory T. Red. He is charged with exploitation of the sick, mortgage fraud, credit card fraud by a person with authority to deliver goods and services, and theft over $500,000. Tuesday evening, St. Landry Parish Crime Stoppers posted about Red on its Facebook page. Shortly thereafter, information was received that led authorities to arrest Red at his home in Lafayette.

Disclaimer: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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