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Prop Charli Jacoby is on his way back to Sandy Park after a season with the Queensland Reds.

USA Eagle Jacoby spent one season with the Chiefs in 2022/23, making 16 appearances after her debut against the DMP Sharks.

The 34-year-old began her rugby career after being approached at cheerleading training by several players who told her she would be an asset to the scrum. After taking up the sport at the age of 20, she has never looked back, securing 28 international caps and a place at the last Women’s Rugby World Cup.

She played for Loughborough Lightning before heading to the South West to make her debut appearance with the Exeter Chiefs before heading to Australia to play in the Super Rugby Women’s (or Super W) competition. She was the first American to appear in the Super W.

Jacoby said: “Exeter have encouraged me to play my best rugby. Susie and Steve have created such an excellent environment and the girls feel like a family.”

“With such an important year coming to an end with the World Cup, it only makes sense for me to return to my second home and play the best style of rugby there is.

“I’m looking forward to next season because if there’s one thing I know about this group of athletes, it’s that they have the determination and work ethic to continue to be among the top four teams.”

Chiefs head coach Susie Appleby said: “Charli is a great asset to our team. She has an incredible ‘team first’ attitude, she is a very powerful player and has an infectious energy. We can’t wait to have her back with us!”