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NEW CANAAN, CT – The city plans to repave a number of streets in New Canaan “beginning approximately July 24,” 2024.

In a letter posted on the city’s website on July 8, Tiger Mann, director of the city’s public works department, said the micro-pavement will be applied to the streets in two passes on two consecutive days starting July 24, weather permitting.

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According to Mann, this first involves a “leveling layer” followed by a “wear layer”.

The following streets in New Canaan are currently scheduled to have a wafer-thin surface layer:

  • Apple Tree Lane – Ramhorne Road
  • Bald Hill Road – Rilling Ridge
  • Fox Run Road – Turtle Back Lane East
  • Journey’s End Road – Turtle Back Lane West
  • Partridge Road – Turtle Back Road
  • Pequot Lane

Each layer takes up to 20 minutes to cure and be ready for traffic. Microsurfacing work will be limited to the hours between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day to reduce the impact on residents of short-term closures while waiting for the material to dry, Mann said.

If a potential 20-minute delay in a resident’s exit or entry would interfere with their planned activities, the city suggests that they make arrangements to park on a neighboring street while their street is being treated, Mann said.

For more information about the city’s renovation work planned for July, click here.