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Dawn stands for housing and advocacy for women in need. It is a social service agency that is almost 30 years old.

It provides housing and various services to homeless women or women at risk of homelessness throughout Erie County.

“They could be coming from a shelter, they could be coming from any type of homelessness. They need to work, and we provide them with intensive case management and support services. We partner with landlords in the area and provide them with all the services they need so they can live self-sufficiently in the community,” said Dr. Susanne Kuligowski, executive director of Erie Dawn.

A large part of the help they provide is financial planning, but they also include other services and programs that help women and their children overcome obstacles in life.

The demand for these services is high.

“Every year we serve about 125 women. We have referrals for about 375. If we could work with more women, we would. It really depends on the funding sources and what we can accommodate in our programs and our housing programs. We work with about 30 landlords in our community and are always looking for more. Our main goal is to make sure our housing is safe and affordable for the women we work with,” said Dr. Kuligowski.

Erie Dawn was the recipient of this week’s Loving Giving Local donation from Auto Express.

“The money goes directly to our emergency aid. Women come to us with or without children. Often they have nothing, so this is really wonderful. It was a real blessing to receive this,” she added.

“Erie Dawn is a great example of what Loving Giving Local is all about. They help over a hundred women in our community with their housing needs each year, and to learn today that the donation we bring will go toward their emergency fund to help those women in greatest need is exactly what Loving Giving Local is all about and we couldn’t be happier to be here,” said Auto Express Resale Center Sponsor Joe Askins.

To learn more about Erie Dawn and her work for the community, Click here.