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LAFAYETTE, Louisiana (KLFY)– On Wednesday, the Lafayette Consolidated Government held a public meeting at the Dupuis Recreation Center to discuss further renovation of Brown Park.

“We have many baseball megaparks in the municipality that do not even break even. Our budgets for the maintenance and operation of these artificial turf fields do not exist to this day. We are still working on how to operate and maintain this investment quality,” said Mayor Boulet during the first public meeting.

Boulet rejected plans to spend $30 million to transform Brown Park into a mega-sports complex.

“This meeting tonight is about presenting to the community again the amenities that we were able to fit into the budget and accomplish as part of this project,” said Tim Sensley, director of Lafayette’s Parks, Arts, Recreation & Culture (PARC).

A budget of around 17 million dollars was allocated for the redesign of the premises.

Sensley wants to reiterate the main focus of the public meetings: gathering suggestions and ideas from the public, “such as establishing a walking trail, a dog park, pavilions and a walking path with benches along the way,” Sensely said.

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