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A man accused of terrorizing his neighbors has now pleaded guilty to six counts of violating anti-stalking restraining orders. Maurice Raffoul appeared in a Utah court on Monday where he entered his guilty pleas.

2News Investigates has been reporting on his threats against his neighbors here in Utah for months, but we’ve also discovered that his alleged reign of terror extends all the way to Louisiana.

On July 16, 2018, Lafayette Police responded to a break-in at a warehouse. Two suspects cut the locks with bolt cutters.

Lafayette Police Department bodycam video shows officers saying, “Lafayette Police Department. Come out, come out with your hands up. Hands up. Put your hands behind your back.”

MORE about Maurice Raffoul:

Maurice Raffoul appeared on the scene. He is listed as the owner of the storage facility Rent-a-Space along with his mother. Raffoul has repeatedly claimed that he saved his mother’s storage rental business from financial ruin.

During several break-ins and robberies at the warehouse, Raffoul reacted very angrily and irrationally and made statements to police that are documented in police reports. He said the suspects “are wasting our air and must be brought to justice.” “People who have stolen should have their hands chopped off.” One was a “meth junkie and a liar” and should “just eat a gun.”

Officers documented that the storage sheds were “very old,” the latches were “rusted,” and there were no working security cameras in the area. They wanted to look for fingerprints but could not find any.

According to records, Raffoul began to calm down, but without first saying: “The Middle East was right. We should execute anyone who commits a crime.”

He further accused the Lafayette Police Department of staging robberies of his storage units and both the Lafayette Police Department and the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office of corruption, making false accusations against him as part of a vast conspiracy, claiming he would return to Lafayette and blow up the city.

Shortly thereafter, Raffoul left Louisiana with his mother and moved back to Salt Lake City on Chadwick Street, where he is accused of waging a campaign of terror against his neighbors. But none of them seemed to know what he was doing to the people he had come into contact with in Louisiana, and he was doing it right here in Salt Lake City.

“Hello, this is Nurse Adele. How can I help you?” On May 5, 2020, Raffoul called a hotline in Louisiana. Raffoul said, “Yes, I was just on hold with the man who runs the hospital. You don’t run a hospital of any importance, ma’am. OK, my name is Maurice Raffoul.”

The call center agent replied, “This is not the hospital. This is the COVID-19 call center. This is where you will find out whether you need to be tested or not.”

An angry Raffoul thinks he’s calling Lafayette General Medical Center and saying, “No, no, no, I don’t need to get tested. I need to get people arrested at your hospital. I need to get people arrested in your city who have committed organized crime against me.”

The operator tried to answer: “Okay, sir, I just want to…”

But Raffoul interrupted her and shouted, “That’s why I’m calling. I’m in Utah, ma’am. I’m in Utah.”

A Lafayette police report says he threatened to come to Lafayette and “knock heads in” at the hospital. Raffoul said, “This will never end. I’m coming down there with my damn boots on and I’m going to tear up your damn city, you hear me.”

Police reports indicate that Raffoul had been calling Lafayette General Medical Center for years and saying he would blow up the hospital, kill all of its staff and patients, and murder the doctor who admitted him in 2018.

Hospital officials did not want to press charges because they knew Raffoul lived in Salt Lake City. Lafayette police obtained a warrant for Raffoul’s arrest, but it was only for local arrest. The investigator noted that they did not want him to be returned to Lafayette and become a “larger and more real threat.” Lafayette police sent all police reports documenting Raffoul’s threats to an FBI agent in Lafayette for review. The report states that FBI agent Daniel English indicated he would review the reports and determine if action could be taken.

Within a few months, Raffoul found the cell phone number of the doctor who had him committed. In one voice message, Raffoul was heard saying, “Hey Lance Fogleman, you lying motherfucker.”

On August 3, 2021, he left Dr. Fogleman this voicemail message in which he specifically said that he was going to kill the doctor and his wife and that he knew what they looked like and where they lived. Raffoul said, “I’m going to fuck up your lives you lying motherfuckers, how dare you give me f***ing drugs.”

He also stated that he was going to beat him up and murder him. “I’m going to beat you up, motherfucker, I’m going to beat your city. I’m going to kill your fucking ass.”

2News Investigates was asked by the FBI’s Salt Lake City office to submit a Freedom of Information request to the FBI to find out if an investigation was being conducted there. Months later, my request was denied.

I contacted Dr. Fogleman and he said he was happy to hear from me but could not comment.

Raffoul will be sentenced here in Utah after pleading guilty on August 22 to six counts of violating restraining orders against stalking.