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In his speech to a crowd of believers, the clergyman tried to dissuade certain devout Christians who believed that Christianity was the only way to paradise.

He urged them to abandon this belief and emphasized that Jesus was not even a Christian.

Damina referred to biblical figures such as Abraham, David and Jesus Christ, pointing out that these prophets did not use the term “Christianity” but were instead referred to as believers. She stressed that these holy people were merely disciples or believers and not “Christians” in the traditional sense.

“Many of you think God is a Christian. God is not a Christian. Many of you think if you are not a Christian you will not go to heaven. That is a lie. People went to heaven before Christianity began. Christianity began in Antioch in the book of Acts. That should humble you a little and you should start adjusting your theology.

“And they are unbelievers who accept the name of Christianity which you bear as a prerequisite for entering heaven – unbelievers who observe the people who follow the teachings of Brother Paul. After they had taught for a time, they saw the change that had taken place in these people. Before that they were called believers and almajiris. They were disciples of Paul.

“Then people said that they were not calling disciples, but that they had changed and were now becoming more like Christ. So we call them Christians. But before that, many people went to heaven, including the thief on the cross. So you don’t have to be a Christian to go to heaven.” he said in the video.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians have expressed their reservations about Pastor Damina’s statement.

Below are some of the reactions to X.

  • @uchedible: If you have discovered through philosophy that there is a God who created the universe, then you have actually ruled out most religions.
  • @dymegyjoe: Of course. God cannot be a follower of Christ. He is the Father of Christ, whom people who call themselves Christians follow.
  • @EnoImoi: In a general sense, God is too big to be reduced to a Christian. However, those who belong to Christ identify as Christians on earth, that’s all. There is nothing in heaven that is known as Christian.
  • @marcus_agboola: How can the good be a Christian? Is God a human being who needs to be saved? Meaningless and blasphemous statement.