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DORAL, FLA. (WSVN) – Days after Hurricane Beryl devastated Jamaica, a South Florida organization is helping survivors of the storm.

Michael Capponi and volunteers from the Global Empowerment Mission are helping Jamaicans recover from the storm.

On Wednesday, volunteers at GEM packed supplies to send urgently needed relief items to the island.

In a video shared by GEM, downed power lines and trees show the trail of Beryl’s destruction in Jamaica.

“That was a beach. The walls are gone,” one person said in the video.

Homes have been destroyed across the island and hundreds of people are still without electricity after experiencing what they described as sheer terror.

Residents describe their experiences to Capponi.

“I was here during the hurricane. Very, very bad. A lot of the college is destroyed,” one man said in the video.

“My granddaughter started crying and said, ‘Grandma, the whole house is going to sink and we’re going to die,'” one woman said. “And we heard this ‘woof, woof.'”

In one video, a woman’s roof is seen shaking under the strong wind. Her home no longer looks the same as before.

“We are grateful,” she told Capponi.

Within 48 hours of the hurricane’s landfall, GEM distributed thousands of relief supplies in the worst-hit areas of Jamaica, including Kingston and the devastated surrounding towns.

“Just a smile and a hug,” Capponi said.

When the aid arrived, the Jamaicans began to distribute it among themselves.

“And it basically creates a few jobs. You give them a little daily allowance,” said Capponi.

On the island, people are working together to rebuild after the devastating storm.

Capponi said construction work had already progressed well in some areas.

“We are already starting to install temporary roofs,” Capponi said.

However, he said it would take nearly a month for many islanders to have electricity restored.

“We invested in a 50-kilowatt generator that will power the entire Treasure Beach water station to restore water supply, because right now there is no water,” Capponi said. “And the great thing is that once we bought our first generator and got it running at this little local cooking facility, we were cooking for the community within three hours.”

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