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BREWERTON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Before its journey ends at Ralph Wilson Park in Buffalo, an Italian-made bridge will be transported across the Erie Canal with four crew members aboard barges – a journey that hasn’t taken place in years.

At each lock this crew passes on the canal, northerners gather to witness this journey first hand. For the older generations, it is an opportunity to reminisce about the days when they experienced these barges passing by.

Devin Kenny, a deckhand on the barge, heard some of the reactions and stories being relayed to crew members.

“She was close to tears because she said she remembers being a little girl watching barges go by with her father. And now she’s sitting there watching and feeling like she’s with her father.”

But this journey is not just about the bridge itself, it is also about the dedicated crew members who make it all possible. With many hours of hard work, these crew members do their best to ensure that the bridge reaches its final destination without any problems.

“We can only let one ship into the locks at a time, so when we do that, we have to let one ship in, connect the other ship to the tug and pull the first ship through the lock. Once it’s in the lock, we pull it by hand,” Kenny said, speaking of the obstacles he has had to overcome since starting his journey last Friday.

But what motivates the crew to continue is the huge fan base they have. A crowd gathers at every lock – something they have never experienced before and which makes this crew’s journey unforgettable.