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HOWARD COUNTY, MD — A $960,000 federal grant announced by four Maryland lawmakers will enable the Maryland Department of Transportation and Howard County to purchase two heavy-duty buses to extend existing Route 409 five miles from its current terminus in Elkridge to Lansdowne Station in Baltimore County.

This expansion will provide commuters with additional transit options and create an important connection to regional transit in Baltimore City.

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Funding is provided through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Buses & Bus Facilities Grant Program.

“Regional public transit not only helps connect communities across the state, it also opens up new opportunities for Marylanders. With this federal investment, we are laying the foundation for more accessible, efficient public transit from Howard County to Baltimore and greater economic mobility across the region. It is precisely these types of investments that we fought to pass the Infrastructure Modernization Act so that we can bring our state and our country’s transportation systems into the 21st century, improve Americans’ commutes, and grow our economy,” said U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen.

“Mobility and connectivity in our public transportation system promote economic growth and increase equity. Connecting Howard County to the greater Baltimore region with new, modern buses is a win-win for the region and for our collective efforts to address the ongoing climate crisis,” added U.S. Senator Ben Cardin. “This is another example of Team Maryland’s commitment to mobilize more federal investment to strengthen our state and our local communities.”

“Adding two new buses to Route 409 in Howard County will provide more reliable commute options for people who live and work here and improve access to places and transportation services in and around Baltimore. Strengthening public transit in our region not only contributes to social equity, but also creates more economic opportunity for all,” noted U.S. Congressman John Sarbanes.

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is groundbreaking legislation that further modernizes Maryland’s infrastructure and represents the largest federal investment in public transportation in American history. This compelling announcement not only makes it easier for Baltimore residents to commute to other parts of our great state, but does so in an environmentally friendly way and aligns with our shared duty to combat the climate crisis,” added U.S. Congressman Kweisi Mfume.