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Kevin Hart’s former friend Jonathan “JT” Jackson is suing the comedian for allegedly falsifying evidence and breaching a subsequent contract in his famous 2017 extortion case.

According to Jackson’s lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, he and Hart signed a “carefully negotiated” settlement agreement in July 2021 that said Hart would “issue a powerful public statement asserting (Jackson’s) innocence” in the comedian’s sex tape scandal.

Jackson, 47, claims Hart should have said that “the incident” cost him a “very valuable friendship,” that he “lost someone close to him” and whom he “loved,” that he is “proud to say that all charges against JT Jackson have been dropped,” and that Jackson “is not guilty and had nothing to do with it.”

In the lawsuit, Jackson stated that he had had a “distinguished career in the entertainment industry marked by significant achievements and contributions.”

He added that his reputation had been “unjustly damaged by a series of malicious acts by the defendants, resulting in profound emotional distress, financial loss and professional setbacks.”

Jackson said he entered into the contract expecting Hart to help him restore his reputation and “help Jonathan return to his professional life free from the shadow of the baseless criminal allegations.” However, he said Hart “blatantly breached the contract by failing to make the agreed-upon public statement exonerating (Jonathan), thereby causing significant and irreparable harm to his reputation.”

He said the statement should have read: “The last three years of my life have definitely been filled with ups and downs… I am proud to say that all charges against JT Jackson have been dropped and he is not guilty and had nothing to do with this. This matter that was once so difficult to handle and so distressing to me and my family is now settled.”

Jackson accused the comedian and his team of presenting “fake evidence” to prosecutors. In October 2021, the last remaining criminal charges against Jonathan were dropped.

In his lawsuit, Jackson is demanding more than $12 million in damages from Kevin.

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