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STAMFORD – This was the hotspot July 3-6 as cowboys saddled up their horses for the historic 94th annual Texas Cowboy Reunion.

There were numerous events every day, including a parade, barbecues, a concert – and of course a rodeo, which attracted many spectators, including people who were attending a rodeo for the first time.

The rodeo featured a variety of events, such as horse riding, barrel racing, and bull riding. There were also food trucks on the rodeo grounds and spectators enjoyed the rodeo nightlife.

Each day, visitors could walk through and experience the Texas Cowboy Reunion’s John Selmon Memorial Gallery and shop from several vendors on the second floor. Shoppers could also purchase custom-made cowboy hats.

Lunch was served daily in the bunkhouse behind the rodeo grounds. The bunkhouse is located next to the Old Timer’s Roundup Hall, which is known for hosting famous historical figures such as Elvis.

The weekend ended with a morning of socializing, chuckwagon cooking and fiddle competitions, horse racing and a final rodeo performance.