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After months of investigation, police in Oregon have seized 4,153 stolen Lego sets valued at more than $200,000, officials said Tuesday.

Ammon Henrikson, the 47-year-old owner of a store called Brick Builders in Eugene, knowingly purchased new, unopened Lego sets that had been stolen from other stores, Springfield police said.

The suspects stole the sets and then took them directly to Brick Builders, where they received cash, police said. Brick Builders employees purchased the stolen sets “mostly at a fraction of their actual retail value.”

Investigators said they found that many of the Lego thieves used the cash to buy illegal drugs.

Some expensive sets cost a whopping $849.99 on the Lego website. Police said several of the stolen sets found in the store had a retail value of over $700. A spokesperson added that the resale value of some Lego sets on independent online marketplaces such as eBay is well over $1,000.

Pictures of the Lego loot shared by police show a huge pile of the toys. Other pictures shared by officers show Lego officers arresting a Lego criminals and a Lego patrol car.

An image shared by Springfield Police shows a Lego police officer arresting a Lego suspect.

Springfield Police Department

Authorities said they worked with anti-theft officers from Target, Fred Meyer, Barnes & Noble and Walmart to find the Legos.

“We all feel the impact of organized shoplifting through the rising prices of the items we purchase for our families. With this in mind, SPD’s Crime Reduction Unit, with the support of our retail partners, works tirelessly to hold those who knowingly participate in or facilitate shoplifting accountable,” Police Chief Andrew Shearer said in a Facebook post.

Henrikson was charged with organized shoplifting and receiving stolen goods. Police also arrested 57-year-old Albert Nash and described him as an accomplice and employee.

A new law came into effect in January that provides tougher penalties for people convicted of shoplifting, CBS affiliate KOIN-TV reported.

In an image shared by the Springfield, Oregon, police department, a Lego police car stands in front of a stack of stolen Lego sets that have been recovered.

Springfield Police Department

In recent months, police have made several Lego-related arrests. A Californian task force seized about Worth $300,000 of stolen Lego sets in several raids. Last month, a 71-year-old man was arrested after police found almost 3,000 boxes of stolen Lego sets Sets in his house in California.