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The Los Angeles Rams may have a lot of question marks heading into the 2024 season, but two areas where they have no worries at all are quarterback and head coach. LA’s quarterback-head coach duo Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay are entering their fourth season together and have proven that they are among the best the sport has to offer.

There’s no denying that they’re at least in the top five in the league, but how does FS1 analyst Colin Cowherd rank the quarterback-head coach duo? Cowherd ranks McVay and Stafford at No. 2, just behind his No. 1 duo, Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I think Matthew Stafford was overlooked because of his years in Detroit,” Cowherd said. “Next to (Patrick) Mahomes, Stafford is perhaps the best arm talent in the league. Sidearm, can do everything except throw left-handed. Big over-top arm. I think McVay may be the smartest coach in the sport, period. I’d put her No. 2.”

Although McVay and Stafford haven’t lasted as long as Reid and Mahomes, they have no shortage of success. The duo has made the postseason together twice, has four playoff wins, 24 regular season wins and a Super Bowl 56 title.

Things may be looking a little rocky right now, with Stafford wanting guaranteed money after this season. If things go wrong, it could mean the end for the duo. However, McVay is confident a deal will get done and they will continue to try to bring another title to Los Angeles.

Stafford and McVay still have a lot left in the tank. Could it be enough to win another Super Bowl together?

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