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LAFAYETTE, Louisiana – Many of us already know that downtown Lafayette has plenty of great places to eat to choose from – at least 36, according to Downtown Lafayette Unlimited’s new Dining District postcard.

The postcard features all kinds of restaurants, from plated meals to gourmet restaurants and ice cream parlors.

“Tourists come here all the time and just ask, ‘Where can I get a good meal?’ And we can show them and they can choose where they want,” says Cristian Lambert, manager of Borden’s Ice Cream Shoppe.

Designed by Aileen Bennett and distributed to all restaurants by Downtown Lafayette Unlimited, the Downtown Food District postcard takes you on a tour of Downtown Lafayette and showcases local dining.

“We put a big stack right next to the cash register and within a few days they were all gone. I wish we had more,” Lambert said.

A little further down Rue Jefferson there is another local shop known for its ice cream: Sunday’s Soda Fountain, here too there is an influx of visitors to share the postcard with.

“Just looking at this map with all the pictures and stuff, it’s easy to get an overview of the area. I think it’s very helpful,” says Gakuji Tozaki, a tourist from California visiting Sunday’s.

“Downtown Lafayette is pretty small in the context of the whole thing, especially when people are touring or visiting, so I think it’s nice for them to get an overview of all the places they can go and be a little surprised,” says Setareh Delcambre, owner and manager of Sunday’s Soda Fountain.

The restaurants shown on the postcard:

  • Reve coffee roaster
  • Jim Deggy’s Pizza
  • Dwyer’s Cafe
  • The Cart
  • Tsunami
  • Central Pizza
  • The flats
  • Soda fountain on Sunday
  • Appendix to the legend
  • Ton’s Downtown
  • Vestal
  • The Hideaway on Lee
  • The French Press
  • Wines from Wild Child
  • Agave Mexican Grill & Cantina
  • Amis Grocery Store
  • AcA Café
  • Pamplona
  • Pat’s Downtown
  • Pops Poboys
  • Seize the day! Gelato Espresso Bar
  • Rock ‘n’ Bowl de Lafayette
  • Spoonbill watering hole
  • Kellers Bakery Downtown
  • Borden’s Ice Cream Parlor
  • Cedar Deli
  • The Bulldog
  • Gary’s
  • Acadian Superette
  • Johnson’s Boucaniere
  • Located 1.7 km from The Coffee Weed Cottage, Coffeeweed Cottage provides accommodation with free WiFi and garden views.
  • Gather
  • Brown frying pan
  • Baking Café
  • Magnolia Pantry
  • Njoy Curry Masala

The postcard also shows places other than restaurants.
Some highlighted attractions in downtown Lafayette:

  • Sign for downtown Lafayette
  • Rosa Parks Transportation Center
  • Park International
  • US District Court
  • Parc Sans Souci
  • Fire department
  • St. John’s Cathedral
  • St. John’s Oak
  • Old Town Hall

“The main thing is to encourage people to use it as a passport and really use it as an opportunity to visit all these different restaurants in the summer, make memories, have full bellies and enjoy the foodie district for what it is, which is unique local dining experiences,” said Jessica Hauerwas, the executive director of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited.
To get your own postcard of the downtown food district, visit the stand or counter of any of the restaurants listed.

Some stores, like Borden’s, have already run out of postcards. Hauerwas said it hasn’t been determined if and when another supply of postcards will be distributed.