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As Below Deck Mediterranean Fans are aware that Season 9 has been a wild one. From the beginning, the Mustique The crew has been plagued by drama, both personal and in the form of problems with the yacht. And as a new preview of episode 7 shows, the problems aren’t going to end anytime soon.

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In the clip you can see above, a moderator problem comes into play, and it can lead to guests, including The traitors“Trishelle Cannatella was unable to catch her flight to Paris.

In the middle of the Mediterranean, on the last day of the charter, Captain Sandy Yawn announces that the crew is unable to raise the ship’s anchor.

“The anchor well isn’t working, so we have to leave the anchor behind,” she explains. “We put the buoy on it and get the divers. Then we transport it back to the marina. And then we install it there, because we need our anchor.”

While the plan seems to be working well – even the guests don’t mind the delay as it gives them more vacation time – deckhand Nathan Gallagher is not happy with the approach.

“This is pretty damn scary,” he says as he ties the anchor to a buoy in the water. Sandy says they can drop the anchor, but it’s not that easy.

“We have to take a step back,” explains deckhand Joe Bradley. “Because if the anchor chain hits you or the boat, someone could be injured, if not killed.”

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Captain Sandy Yawn explains the anchor problem

Since we are not all sailors, Sandy is kind enough to explain to us what exactly is going on with the boat.

“I’ve never had to intentionally leave an anchor behind because a windlass wasn’t working,” she explains in a confessional. “We tried putting a line on and pulling the anchor in by hand. Didn’t work. Option two is we leave our anchor behind and have someone come get it. It’s a risk to leave our anchor behind. It’s a very expensive piece of equipment. Hopefully it’s still there when we get back. The weather’s here, I have to get these customers back to the dock. We don’t really have any other choice.”

So will they be reunited with the anchor? Will anyone be hit by this terrible chain? Find out when Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9, Episode 7 airs Monday, July 15. Watch it live at 9/8c on Bravo or stream it the next day on Peacock.

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