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Just minutes after a 1-0 loss to Colombia in the Copa America semifinals, a group of Uruguayan players jumped into the stands at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, sparking wild scenes. Uruguay captain Jose Maria Gimenez said some of his teammates came into the stands to defend their families from a group of Colombia supporters.

Liverpool star Darwin Nunez was among a group of Uruguayan players who flooded into the stands after drinks were thrown and fans in the area became violent. The crowd at Wednesday night’s game was over 70,000, with the overwhelming majority of fans supporting Colombia.

In a post-match interview on the field, Gimenez did not mince his words about the situation in the stands, stating bluntly that families were in danger.

“They stormed all our families,” said Giménez. “A certain part of the Colombian fans, and they won’t let us speak on the microphone. I’m saying it now because I know I can, otherwise they’ll interrupt us. It’s a disaster. Our family is in danger. We had to get to the stands as quickly as possible to save our loved ones. With newborns. It was a disaster.”

He also said that some fans did not know how to handle alcohol, which played a role in the physical violence.

“I hope that the organisers will be a little more careful with the families, the people and the people in the stadiums. It’s a disaster because all games are the same,” he continued. “Our families suffer because of some who drink one or two glasses of alcohol and don’t know how to drink. Who behave like children and are not decent.”

Gimenez claimed that police and security forces did not come to help until half an hour after the anger erupted. ABC According to reports, it took police more than ten minutes to arrive.

Nunez was seen comforting his young child on the field after the fight.

CONMEBOL released a statement following the incident:

“CONMEBOL strongly condemns any act of violence that affects football. Our work is based on the belief that football connects and unites us through its positive values. There is no place for intolerance and violence on or off the pitch. We invite everyone to cheer on their national teams with all their passion in the remaining days and celebrate an unforgettable party.”

It is safe to assume that there will be multiple suspensions for the Uruguayan players who jumped into the stands, and that there will also be investigations into fans who allegedly put families in danger.

Uruguay will face Canada in the third-place match on Saturday.