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The couple was probably on their way to the hospital when the birth started a little prematurely.

Paramedics delivered a baby girl in the car park of a View Royal pub on Tuesday after a couple, believed to be on their way to hospital, stopped there when the labour started slightly prematurely.

Tara Andersen, front-end manager at Four Mile Brew Pub, said security cameras showed the couple arriving at the premises at 11:37 a.m.

“They got there pretty quickly and grabbed the first spot they could get at the top of the parking lot,” she said. “By 12 o’clock they had a baby.”

The camera footage showed that the fire brigade arrived at 11:44 a.m. and the paramedics arrived four minutes later.

Mother and child were immediately put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital, Andersen said.

She said people who came to the pub for lunch did not have a clear view of the drama unfolding outside.

“Everything was cordoned off with emergency vehicles.”

The employees were willing to help but were not needed, Andersen said.

BC Emergency Health Services said it received a call at around 11:40 a.m. that a person needed medical attention and dispatched two ambulances to the scene.

View Royal Fire Rescue also attended the scene and Deputy Chief Heath Bevan said paramedics monitored the birth in the couple’s car.

He said he was part of a crew that arrived shortly before the ambulances. “We prepared everything for the arrival of the paramedics and helped with emotional support and on-site support.”

Bevan said he had been involved in several similar incidents during his career as a firefighter and described Tuesday’s birth as a “fantastic” outcome.

Andersen said she knows stories of women giving birth in a taxi or other vehicle on the way to the hospital, but she doesn’t believe such a thing has ever happened at the historic pub on the Island Highway.

“We have had ambulances and fire engines for various purposes over the years, but to my knowledge not for the delivery of a baby.”

“It’s a pretty cool story.”

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