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Cris Collinsworth knows what it takes to be a successful NFL commentator, as he’s been one of the best in the game for years, commentating on the biggest games on NBC every Sunday night. So it only makes sense that Tom Brady, who is starting his new career as a commentator on Fox this season, recently turned to Collinsworth for advice.

Brady finished his NFL career with seven Super Bowl rings and is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time.

Now he will face new pressure in an intense environment working alongside Kevin Burkhardt in Fox’s No. 1 dressing room.

Collinsworth told Kay Adams this week that he spoke to Brady about his new job and gave him some simple advice.

“Just be yourself,” Collinsworth said of Brady. “People know who you are. Just be yourself. Go out there and talk football and have fun and he’ll be great.”

Here’s more from Collinsworth’s conversation with Adams:

It will be interesting to see how good Brady can be in the locker room.