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Lisbon-based studio SIA Arquitectura has completed the Casa da Encosta in Grândola, Portugal, which consists of a series of lime-plastered structures surrounding a central courtyard.

Casa da Encosta consists of a main house and four smaller, almost identical guest houses and is based on the traditional architecture of the region. The studio has chosen “antique” materials such as wood and lime plaster.

Exterior view of the Casa da Encosta in Portugal
SIA Arquitectura has completed a house with lime plaster walls in Portugal

“The design was inspired by the traditional architecture of this coastal region of Portugal, which is closely linked to basic local materials and techniques,” studio co-founder Ana Cravinho told Dezeen.

“We studied the scale of these buildings and were inspired by their often delicate and fragile character, while at the same time being very sensitive to the area and the people.”

Living space in Casa da Encosta
The residence consists of a series of volumes

To increase the privacy of the house, SIA Arquitectura arranged the buildings on the outer edge of the site and arranged a centralized garden to serve as a “protective wall”.

The main house, located at the elevated end of the sloping site, consists of two parallel volumes connected by a central vertical volume, which contains a spacious living area with large sliding doors opening onto the garden.

Living room interior in a Portuguese house by SIA Arquitectura
A living area leads to the adjoining garden

A sloping wooden roof spans the central space and extends to protect part of the two adjacent volumes and also provide shade for an outdoor terrace.

One of the adjoining parts of the building houses two en-suite bedrooms, which also have large openings that open onto a private courtyard surrounded by lime plaster walls, while the other part of the building accommodates additional living, kitchen and storage spaces.

In keeping with the main house, the four smaller guest houses are each enclosed by a main external wall and divided internally by a central unit and wall that demarcates the living, sleeping and bathroom areas. Shaded courtyards flank each of these four volumes.

A limited material palette is used in the interiors, with wooden elements and black accents contrasting with the lime plaster walls and glazed tiles recurring in the wet rooms.

Bedroom interior design at home by SIA Arquitectura
Small courtyards flank the bedrooms of the house

“We wanted to achieve a consistent materiality throughout to blur the boundaries between inside and outside,” said Cravinho.

“We also wanted to reflect the sandy landscape typical of this area and create a seamless connection between the house and the property.”

Shower room at Casa da Encosta in Portugal
Wooden elements and black accents contrast with the lime plastered walls

SIA Arquitectura is an architecture firm based in Lisbon, Portugal, founded in 2007 by Cravinho, Ines Cordovil and Sofia Pinto Basto.

Other homes recently completed in Portugal include a house in Lisbon with many windows designed to create the impression of greater height, and a concrete house with irregular openings near the town of Sobrado.

The photography is by Francisco Nogueira.