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Kamala Harris has the chance to become our first female president. And the first woman of color to hold that office. All that is needed is for Joe Biden to win in November.

Our country’s so-called “Democrats” destroyed the chances of the first female candidate for the presidency some eight years ago. There was so much confusion and dismay over Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, so much resentment in some circles of Democratic purists, that she had lost. It was a betrayal, a self-inflicted wound, rarely acknowledged even today. Many “progressives,” nominal Democrats, I know and knew, would not vote for her because of a series of unforgivable sins they believed she had committed. The hysteria now going on over Joe Biden’s poor performance in the last debate reflects that behavior. It has encouraged a kind of Biden mutiny.

Live updates from USA Today: Joe Biden to speak at a press conference as pressure mounts for 2024 bid

Back then, two elections ago, these people simply didn’t like Hillary and were under the illusion that The Donald could never win. So they elected a bunch of third-party nutcases, including Jill Stein (who still runs every year). Now, these insiders have evidently never lived in the Midwest and never watched “The Apprentice.” This group of voters was invisible to them.

Then there was the problem of succession: Obama, in his supposed wisdom, decided to bypass his vice president, the reliable Joe Biden, and appoint Hillary. This created a whole new set of problems. Excuses were made, blaming Biden’s grief over the death of his son, their favorite beau. Having Hillary as president would burnish Obama’s legacy and please Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who wanted Hillary to appoint her female successor to the Supreme Court. And we all know how that turned out.

Now many of those renegades are clamoring for Biden to resign. Biden could, perhaps should, resign, but not before he wins the presidential election and defeats the villain Trump. Ronald Reagan fathered Trump, setting the precedent for appointing a television star as president. Reagan played his role as the civilized, respected Dr. Jekyll. Trump plays his exact opposite, the wild, crazed Mr. Hyde.

Biden may only have a year or two of complete sanity left, but Kamala can easily move into the Oval Office once it’s secured. And look at all the qualified people she can choose from for the vice presidency. Even our former mayor Pete!

Kamala’s background is in some ways identical to Obama’s: You have to go way back in history to find a president whose father wasn’t born in America (before Obama’s father). And I mean way back. Obama’s father was Kenyan. Kamala’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, was born in Madras, British India, flourished as an intellectual and became a biologist. Kamala’s father, Donald Harris, was born in Jamaica; his background includes Afro and Irish additions, and he flourished as an economist. I once ate with him at one of the fanciest restaurants around. It was a hiring dinner at Notre Dame, but he wasn’t hired. Somehow there are aspects of a cosmic coincidence to all of this, with Biden, in both Obama’s and Kamala’s cases, being part of the older American immigrant stew that anchored his more modern running mates.

Most media (especially television) have become increasingly superficial over the years. Commentators are the cheapest form of broadcasting and every now and then someone says something clever. But they need a variety of topics to talk about, so most are speculation and cruelly superficial. Biden, some have pointed out, has positioned himself as a transitional figure, a bridge to the new, a bridge that would help hold the country together to ward off the barbarian Trump.

Biden has been successful, but to truly create a transition, he needs to win the presidency again and hand it over to Kamala after a year or so. She can then choose one of the many men running for the job. I would like that to be Mayor Pete. That would be the easiest way for him to win the office and, fortunately, become president himself.

William O’Rourke is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Notre Dame. His latest book is entitled “Politics and the American Language.”