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Deadly police-involved shooting in Springfield, Illinois, sparks calls for reform Sandy Alcantara’s stunning fashion photoshoot…

In the past two months, the city of Vallejo has paid $672,000 to victims of excessive force claims against Vallejo police officer Robert DeMarco. According to the Vallejo Sun, the claims stem from two incidents in 2017 and 2018 in which Officer DeMarco struck two men with his baton while they were on the ground. Journalist Scott Morris comes to us to describe these events. Morris reports Policing, protest, civil rights and right-wing extremism for the Vallejo Sun.

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A recent federal appeals court ruling allows students to sue the U.S. government for luring them to Farmington University, a fake university that Immigration and Customs Enforcement created in 2016, apparently to lure international students who had entered the U.S. legally on F-1 visas into an illegal “pay-to-stay” scheme. We review the legal case with Anna Nathanson, Associate Attorney at the Norris Law Group, representing the students who sued the United States and Niraj Warikoo, a reporter for the Detroit Free Press who has been covering this story since breaking it in 2019.

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This week’s Resistance in Residence artist is a transgender rhythm guitarist, orchestrator, composer and producer. Ella Rae Feingold, who has toured and recorded with the stars of modern black music, including Queen Latifah, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Jay Z, Corrine Bailey Rae, Eric Benet, Silk Sonic (that’s Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars), and many more.

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