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Scott Reister - Baseball Spy

The Norwalk Easter Public Library is hosting a book signing next Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. with Des Moines TV sports reporter and recently published author Scott Reister.

Reister’s debut novel, Baseball Spy, released April 23, tells the fictional story of Little League player Zane Mitchell, who must figure out which of his teammates is actually a spy in order to save his family and the country. Reister says the book’s premise is based on an idea he had as a Little League baseball player.

“It was such a surreal experience because I had this idea thirty years ago when I was a kid growing up in Dallas, Texas, playing Little League. And I don’t know if Little League players ever get bored when they’re at bat in the third inning and nobody’s on base, but I did this mental trick where I imagined that this hit or hitting the ball was the most important thing in the world and that everyone around me was going to explode and die if I didn’t get the hit. So I started imagining that this was like an action movie, that the fate of the world depended on me hitting this hit and that everyone was counting on me, and that always stuck in my mind as an idea that would be really great for a book or a movie, and 30 years later here we are.”

“Baseball Spy” is available at PageTurners Book Store in Indianola and online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.