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A federal judge has found a Springfield man guilty of drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons. He faces a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Jimmy Clyde Timberlake, 41, was caught trafficking fentanyl in Springfield. Police officers searched a home on May 8, 2020 and found more than 74 grams of the illegal drug fentanyl in plastic bags.

When agents entered the home, Timberlake reportedly ran from the living room through the kitchen into a laundry room, where officers stopped and arrested him.

The jury in Springfield deliberated for about 45 minutes before reaching a verdict that Timberlake was guilty of possession of fentanyl with the intent to resell, one count of possession of firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense and one count of illegal possession of a firearm. His trial ended on July 9.

According to charging documents, police also found a 9mm Glock semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine and 32 rounds of ammunition, a loaded .380-caliber Ruger pistol and a .22-caliber Kel-Tec semi-automatic pistol in the home.

Court records in Missouri show Timberlake was found guilty of first-degree drug trafficking in 2010 after pleading guilty during a 2009 arrest. Greene County District Judge Calvin Holden sentenced Timberlake to 16 years in prison.

Under state law, anyone convicted of a felony is prohibited from possessing a firearm or ammunition. This led to Timberlake’s conviction for firearm possession as a felon.

Timberlake will be sentenced at a later date. According to the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, the United States Parole Board will conduct an evaluation of Timberlake and his case prior to sentencing.

Rance Burger

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