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An incredible nonprofit based in Lafayette, Pay It Forward, Lending a Helping Hand, is doing amazing things for community members who may be down on their luck. Times are tough for everyone right now, especially single moms.

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Terrance St. Julien, one of the nonprofit organizers, is always looking for people in need in our community. On the organization’s Facebook page, he shared a video of himself making an exciting call to a single mother whose car recently broke down and who no longer has transportation to her job in Lafayette. “What if I told you that we have a donated car for you in Lafayette?”

He says that a woman who goes to his church contacted us after she bought a new car. She no longer needed the car and wanted to donate it to a single mother who needed transportation rather than sell it.

Mr. Terrance asks her if she has ever asked God for help, to which she replies, “Yes, I have.” “Okay, so He is.” He then passes the phone to the woman and her family, who decided to donate their car, and hearing how grateful the mother is for the generosity of a stranger is enough to move you to tears.

Mrs Jackie, who nominated the single mother after learning of her transportation problems, explains that they did everything they could to keep her “blessed.” She says sometimes they even drove to her home to make sure she got to work so she could provide for her family.

The efforts of everyone involved are an incredible example of the good that people do in our community that often goes unnoticed. If you are interested in donating to Pay it forward and helping out, you can contact them on their Facebook page or use one of the methods listed below.

They are now asking for donations to house her in a hotel for about a week while her apartment is set up in the city, closer to her job in Lafayette.

“Single mother who received a car needs a temporary room until her apartment is ready for the donation

Cash App $payitforward49″

PayPal Payitforward49


Apple Pay 337 371-5722

Checks made out to

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