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The EA College Football 25 top 100 player ratings have been released and of course, let’s just say there are opinions.

Notre Dame has brought four players to the club, but how do they rank compared to the rest of the stars ahead of the 2024 college football season?

Below you will find the full list of the top 100 with their player ratings and positions, as well as the Irish’s position in the rankings.

T1 Will Campbell, OT (left) LSU 96
T1 Will Johnson, CB Michigan 96
T1 Ollie Gordon II, RB Oklahoma State 96
T11 Tetairoa McMillan, WR Arizona 94
T11 Barrett Carter, LB (outside right) Clemson 94
T11 Jay Higgins, LB (Center) Iowa 94
T11 Luther Burden III, WR Missouri 94
T11 Benjamin Morrison, CB Notre Dame 94
T11 Kelvin Banks Jr., OT (left) Texas 94
T17 Jaydn Ott, RB Cal 93
T17 Shedeur Sanders, QB Colorado 93
T17 Carson Beck, QB Georgia 93
T17 Mykel Williams, LB (outside left) Georgia 93
T17 Deone Walker, DE (right) Kentucky 93
T17 Aireontae Ersery, OT (left) Minnesota 93
T17 Omarion Hampton, RB North Carolina 93
T17 Emeka Egbuka, WR Ohio State 93
T17 TreVeyon Henderson, RB Ohio State 93
T17 Walter Nolen, DT Ohio State 93
T27 Malachi Moore, S (free) Alabama 92
T27 Parker Brailsford, C Alabama 92
T27 Tacario Davis, CB Arizona 92
T27 Sebastian Castro, S (free) Iowa 92
T27 Clay Webb, OG (left) Jacksonville State 92
T27 Devin Neal, RB Kansas 92
T27 Quincy Riley, CB Louisville 92
T27 Harold Perkins Jr., LB (outside left) LSU 92
T27 Colston Loveland, TE Michigan 92
T27 Xavier Watts, S (free) Notre Dame 92
T27 Jack Sawyer, DE (left) Ohio State 92
T27 Dillon Gabriel, QB Oregon 92
T27 Quinn Ewers, QB Texas 92
T27 Tahj Brooks, RB Texas Tech 92
T27 Jonah Monheim, C USC 92
T27 Jonas Sanker, S (strong) Virginia 92
T4 Travis Hunter, WR Colorado 95
T4 Malaki Starks, S (free) Georgia 95
T4 Tate Ratledge, OG (right) Georgia 95
T4 Mason Graham, DT Michigan 95
T4 Caleb Downs, S (free) Ohio State 95
T4 Quinshon Judkins, RB Ohio State 95
T4 James Pearce Jr., DE (right) Tennessee 95
T43 Jaeden Roberts, OG (right) Alabama 91
T43 Tyler Booker, OG (left) Alabama 91
T43 Landon Jackson, DE (left) Arkansas 91
T43 Ashton Jeanty, RB Boise State 91
T43 Dontay Corleone, DT Cincinnati 91
T43 Luke Kandra, OG (right) Cincinnati 91
T43 Tory Horton, WR Colorado State 91
T43 Dylan Fairchild, OG (left) Georgia 91
T43 Maxwell Hairston, CB Kentucky 91
T43 Damien Martinez, RB Miami 91
T43 Donovan Edwards, RB Michigan 91
T43 Kenneth Grant, DT Michigan 91
T43 Kaimon Rucker, DE (right) North Carolina 91
T43 Denzel Burke, CB Ohio State 91
T43 Donovan Jackson, OG (left) Ohio State 91
T43 Tyleik Williams, DT Ohio State 91
T43 Danny Stutsman, LB (Center) Oklahoma 91
T43 Jason Henderson, LB (outside right) Old Dominion 91
T43 Tez Johnson, WR Oregon 91
T43 Jabbar Muhammad, CB Oregon 91
T43 Abdul Carter, DE (right) Penn State 91
T43 Kevin Winston Jr., S (strong) Penn State 91
T43 Nicholas Singleton, RB Penn State 91
T43 Logan Parr, OG (left) SMU 91
T43 Oronde Gadsden II, TE Syracuse 91
T43 RJ Harvey, RB UCF 91
T43 Dorian Strong, CB Virginia 91
T43 Ricardo Hallman, CB Wisconsin 91
T71 Deontae Lawson, LB (Center) Alabama 90
T71 Jalen Milroe, QB Alabama 90
T71 Jonah Savaiinaea, OT (right) Arizona 90
T71 Peter Woods, DT Clemson 90
T71 Patrick Payton, DE (left) Florida State 90
T71 Oscar Delp, TE Georgia 90
T71 Nick Jackson, LB (outside right) Iowa 90
T71 Xavier Nwankpa, S (strong) Iowa 90
T71 Cobee Bryant, CB Kansas 90
T71 Jalon Daniels, QB Kansas 90
T71 Kaidon Salter, QB Liberty 90
T71 Quinton Cooley, RB Liberty 90
T71 Ashton Gillotte, DE (left) Louisville 90
T71 Emery Jones Jr., OT (right) LSU 90
T71 Mason Taylor, TE LSU 90
T71 Rueben Bain Jr., DE (left) Miami 90
T71 Xavier Restrepo, WR Miami 90
T71 Howard Cross III, DT Notre Dame 90
T71 Mitchell Evans, TE Notre Dame 90
T71 Billy Bowman Jr., S (strong) Oklahoma 90
T71 Nick Martin, LB (Center) Oklahoma State 90
T71 Jaxson Dart, QB Ole Miss 90
T71 Tre Harris, WR Ole Miss 90
T71 Evan Stewart, WR Oregon 90
T71 Josh Conerly Jr., OT (left) Oregon 90
T71 Dillon Thieneman, S (free) Purdue 90
T71 Kyle Monangai, RB Rutgers 90
T71 Nic Scourton, DE (left) Texas A&M 90
T71 Wyatt Milum, OT (left) West Virginia 90
T71 Hunter Wohler, S (strong) Wisconsin 90

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