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SECRETARY BLINKEN: So, good morning, everyone. As President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau announced earlier today, the United States and Canada have reached an agreement in principle to modernize the Columbia River Treaty. This agreement is a hallmark of the cooperation that Canada and the United States have maintained and demonstrated for so many years – a cooperation that benefits the people of both countries.

For the United States, the Columbia River is an extraordinarily important source of commerce, energy and the lives of many of our fellow citizens: it provides 40 percent of our hydroelectric power, irrigates $8 billion worth of agricultural products and transports over $20 billion worth of goods. And this modernization agreement will fundamentally provide American consumers with better access to energy, it will improve access to renewable energy – which is of course very important for our climate – and it will lower prices for consumers. And most importantly, it really is a win-win agreement that benefits Canadians and Americans and it demonstrates again what has long been the case: that our two countries work so closely together for the benefit of our people.

I want to quickly thank Senator Jim Risch and Senator Maria Cantwell, who were instrumental in getting this moving. And I want to especially thank my friend and colleague, the Secretary of State, Melanie Joly, because she was instrumental in getting this agreement across the finish line. As I said, you should never negotiate with Melanie, because it’s easier to just say yes at the beginning, because that’s the end result. But she was a strong advocate for Canada’s interests, and I think the agreement that we reached in principle reflects the interests of both countries in a way that will clearly benefit the people of Canada and the people of the United States.

SECRETARY JOLY: Thank you. Thank you, Tony. It’s a pleasure to finally be part of this announcement. I know we’ve been negotiating for a long time. You’re a tough negotiator too, you know. So this is an important agreement in principle that we’ve actually reached on the renewal of the Columbia River Treaty. We know that water is the most important resource we have in the world and it’s important that Canada and the United States are able to manage it well now but also for future generations.

This agreement is important for three reasons. First, it addresses the issue of water management, particularly flood control. So that’s the first aspect. Second, it’s also about hydropower, and we know how important clean energy is. And third – and I know that many Canadians and many Americans have been waiting for this – it’s about bringing salmon back to the Columbia River. So that’s also an important aspect of this new agreement.

I would also like to thank, on our side, the Canadian side, the Government of British Columbia, particularly Minister Conroy – thank you very much, Katrine – and also all the Indigenous peoples of the Columbia River Basin who have been involved in this. So we have finally made it to the finish line and it is always a pleasure to work with you, dear Tony.

If I may for a moment, I will just speak French.




FOREIGN MINISTER JOLY: Thank you very much.

MINISTER BLINKEN: Thank you, Melanie.

FOREIGN MINISTER JOLY: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

MINISTER BLINKEN: Thank you, everyone.

FOREIGN MINISTER JOLY: Thank you. Thank you.

STAFF: If the press could stay here –

QUESTION: Minister, will you attend the press conference today?

MINISTER BLINKEN: Yes, and I look forward to it.

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