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Springfield man pleads guilty to distributing child sexual abuse material Norwalk Police Remind Residents Not to Use Golf Carts on Public Roads

Dr. Leland Clark, who has been called “one of the most creative people in modern medical research,” delivered the commencement address at Antioch College’s 1990 graduation. Clark’s numerous inventions have saved countless lives since graduating from Antioch College in 1941. He is credited with inventing the artificial heart-lung machine, the artificial kidney, breathable fluids, an oxygen electrode, enzyme sensors, and other groundbreaking developments in medical technology. He died in 2005. (YS News Archive, June 1990)

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Compiled from Don Hollister

75 years ago: 1949

Dance in the valley. “The Yellow Springs Community Federal Credit Union today cordially invited all local residents…to attend the Credit Union Dance…on Tuesday evening at the Pavilion in the Glen.”

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Village health insurance? “The Town Council voted last night to support a campaign to introduce Blue Cross health insurance in this community. … The committee recommends … the organization of a preventive medicine program in the community.”

“Michael J. Kahoe76, a native of Yellow Springs and former major league catcher and scout, died Saturday in Akron, Ohio. … Kahoe attended Antioch before beginning his major league career, which took him to the Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Browns, Chicago Cubs and Washington Senators.”

I’m Coretta Scott. “Antioch students Marjorie Sill, Coretta Scott and Norman Colthup will be heard in the second summer concert on Saturday. The concert will be held at 8 p.m. on the Mills Lawn… Coretta Scott, soprano: With Verdure Clad – Haydn, Just You – Burleigh, Gypsy Song – Dvorak, I Chant My Lay, Tune Strings O Gypsy, Songs My Mother Taught Me…”

50 years ago: 1974

“The street flea market on Saturday was a complete success. … Some have wondered why the sponsoring organization, BOYS (Business Organization of Yellow Springs), did not ask that downtown Xenia Avenue be closed to traffic for the sale, as was done last October. … The BOYS members, the business people, realized at the October sale that they had lost sales (because) so many downtown parking spaces were gone.”

Beware of plant thieves! “By Corinne Odiorne (Pelzl). Our city’s recent history has seen several horrific thefts of plants. … But gardeners need not be discouraged … for when a plant is stolen, the rogue thief does not go unpunished. … One person who stole a jardiniere of Red Magic petunias subsequently tripped on a thorny root, fell over a cliff into a gravel pit and drowned. Another person credited with stealing a pair of freshly planted blue spruce trees was later found ground up in a corn picker.”

35 years ago: 1989

Garbage collection to promote recycling. “The local council approved a plan on Monday evening to hire a commercial company to dispose of the villagers’ garbage and waste. A recycling program will be part of the new service.”

“A fishing derby sponsored by the Yellow Springs Township Parks and Recreation Department will be held this Saturday… at Ellis Park.”

Beer at a street festival? “The Town Council on Monday night approved extended hours for the Yellow Springs Street Fair and related activities next month. But a controversial proposal to sell beer on the street downtown after the Street Fair met with rejection by the Town Council.”

25 years ago: 1999

Forum: Respect and listening are the keys to effective advice. “At the beginning of the discussion, sponsored by Community Service (which became Community Solutions and is now Agraria), Judith Hempfling explained that many people in the village who have talked about sustainable community believe that ‘the whole village, not just the village council, is stuck in a negative process’ and that there is a ‘polarization of politics in the community.'”

Supporters organize a golf scramble. “The third annual Bulldog Golf Scramble, sponsored by the Yellow Springs Booster Club, will be held … at Locust Hills Golf Course. … The Booster Club expects 32 teams of four, 18 tournament sponsors ($100 per hole), and over 50 contributing sponsors.”

Teaching love. “Mills Lawn Elementary School teacher Aurelia Blake will speak on ‘Teaching Love in Public School’ in the upstairs gallery of Sam & Eddie’s Books. … The presentation will also include a demonstration by members of the Spirit of Unity Baha’i Youth Workshop. Guests will receive complimentary copies of ‘The Golden Rule,’ a multicultural poster. Refreshments will be served.”

Whitmore exhibition. “Artwork by the late Robert Whitmore will be on display at the Winds Cafe. A number of previously unseen works will be on display. Whitmore lived and painted in Yellow Springs from 1924 to 1979. He taught art at Antioch College from 1925 to 1955 and exhibited locally and nationally during that time.”

10 years ago: 2014

YS Scouts celebrate their 75th anniversary. “About 30 active and former Boy Scouts of Yellow Springs Troop 78, ranging from teenagers to men in their 70s, gathered in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church to share memories of many decades of wilderness adventures. The stories told were set in different time periods, but they all centered on brotherhood and personal growth. This year, as the local troop turns 75 and their home, Camp Hugh Taylor Birch, turns 80, the Boy Scouts hope to continue and grow the group that began in 1939 as a member of the Tecumseh Council Boy Scouts.”

“Doug Hinkle, one of the village’s most interesting thinkers and talented writers, died … at his home on Limestone Street after a two-year battle with lung cancer, surrounded by his wife, Jill Becker. He was 66. … In the late 1980s, Doug was elected to the village council, although he resigned from the council several years later when he, Amy Harper and Karen Gardner bought the News from (Don) Wallis. … A man of many talents, he wrote profound novels and poems and had an empathy for other people that is surprising for someone who loved solitude so much.”

University gets green light for solar system. “Antioch College cleared a major hurdle this week to build a 1-megawatt solar array on its campus. At its meeting Monday, three regular members of the Planning Commission, as well as two alternates who had previously discussed the issue, unanimously approved a five-acre photovoltaic array in Antioch as a conditional use.”