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We are Superman. If we want to achieve something, we can do it. But often it takes a leader, a local version of Superman.

She’s here. Andrea Sorce has a degree in economics and an advanced degree in public administration from Harvard. She has volunteered abroad with the Peace Corps.

She has already made a big impact in Vallejo on reform and our rights. She has the right skills and backbone.

Our household is in a critical situation.

The quality of life of residents is secondary to special interests. The people of Vallejo must come first.

Many of us are unhappy with City Hall. We want change, not what has/hasn’t happened for 30 years or more. Do we like the way we are? No. How are we doing? Not good. Real change needs to be encouraged and supported. But if the usual politicians are taking huge donations from the usual special interests, they can’t make change happen.

How about leadership from us, by us? Instead of the usual hand-picked leadership.

We pay the bills. We should be the priority.

Come to 455 Valle Vista Ave. in Vallejo on July 6 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to hear her speak and answer questions.

To spread their message, money is needed, donations are requested. Website:

Andrea Sorce as mayor. Thank you.

— Jimmy Genn/Vallejo

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