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International business leaders visited Erie County looking for potential business partnerships.

Not only are these leaders interested in Erie, but the region can gain both benefits and new opportunities through this collaboration.

“We are so fortunate to have found a treasure among treasures in the United States,” said Michael Hsiung of Taiwan, director and corporate strategist at Gus Technology Co. Ltd.

Gus Technology Company Limited from Taiwan and Nact Engineering from Singapore visited sites to explore potential partnerships and collaboration opportunities.

This came one day after Erie County government attended the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington DC, where international leaders were urged to make Erie their home.

Gus specializes in lithium battery manufacturing and wants to expand its global presence within the local technology landscape.

“Being a small Taiwanese company, there are a lot of decision variables and we were very impressed with Erie County and what it has to offer for the battery industry,” Hsiung said.

Meanwhile, Nact, a company specializing in drone accessories and robotics services, is interested in Erie’s focus on promoting innovation and technological advancement.

A company spokesman said it is considering possible collaborations with local universities such as Gannon and Penn State.

“They probably have a much better sense of economics, of manpower and time, and time is money,” said Singapore-based Aik Thong, CTO at Nact Engineering. “It seems like they have a whole group of employees and students that they can hand-pick to get the job done in the best possible way.”

Erie County Executive Brenton Davis said it is important to continually seek out businesses to boost the region’s economic vitality.

“You have to actively seek it out. When you see a place like Select USA, where thousands of communities are participating and all vying for investment, if you’re not part of the conversation, if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu,” said Brenton Davis, Erie County Executive. “We’re creating this opportunity and it gives a little hope that Erie County is no longer on a downward trajectory.”

Erie County government showed them Wabtec, Penn State Behrend and Gannon University.